7 Must Have Home Features for Entertainers

If you love hosting dinner parties, holiday gatherings, or even full-on New Year’s Eve bashes, then you’ll want to make sure your home is up to the challenge. Whether you’re looking to buy a new place or just considering a renovation project, put these must-haves at the top of your list.

Adequate Parking

It seems pretty obvious, but without a sizable driveway that you can designate for parking, it’ll quickly become a royal pain to have more than a few friends over for dinner. If the new home you’re thinking about doesn’t have a long drive, check posted signs and local regulations for street parking. Cul-de-sacs need a nearby roadway for parked cars, or else your tiny street will become cluttered and may cause an illegal parking situation and you will end up with annoyed neighbors. You could also think about getting a quote from a contractor or paver to see whether the existing space you have can be reconfigured for more cars.

A Large Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is all the rage these days for good reason: It allows plenty of people to linger in your kitchen, perched on barstools, without cramping your cooking style as you maneuver around them to get stuff done. Do a little math when you’re house hunting or thinking of expanding this room, and decide how many people you want space for around your island and then factor in a bunch on hangers-on. You probably need to add several more to your number, because people like to congregate in the kitchen.

Outdoor Space

Feeling a little tight in the living room? Send them outside!

Any porch, deck, or patio space in a potential new home is perfect for entertainers. Even if your outdoor area is on the small side, it can still be a plus at a party. Use it to set up the bar, as a lounge for smokers or a place to serve cocktails and appetizers. Outdoor living space has become very popular in the past couple of years.

A Powder Room on The Main Floor

A powder room on the first floor is a definite must-have when you’re entertaining because it saves your guests from traipsing upstairs. If its location is well away from the main entertaining rooms, all the better. It’s preferred if the half-bath isn’t placed in the middle of your public space.

Smart Storage

For this feature, you will want to seek out lots of kitchen shelving, a walk-in or butler’s pantry, built-in china cabinets, or multipurpose units. Home entertainers are always looking for lots of creative storage, particularly those who live in houses that don’t have an attic or basement. For these homes, wall units are a brilliant fix. They can incorporate a wine rack, extra refrigerator, and cabinets for glassware and dishes, as well as a countertop that functions as a buffet for serving food.

Home Bar

One of the most requested home features for entertaining is a wet bar. However, if the house you’re in love with doesn’t have this item, an extra closet or nook underneaths a staircase might be the perfect spot to install one. Be sure to request space to store wine, drawers for a cocktail napkin and bottle openers, and adjustable shelves behind clear or frosted glass, so you can fit liquor in all shapes and sizes.

Wall Bed

A party house with extra bedrooms is a bonus for overnight guests, but sometimes you can’t devote a whole room to a single purpose. A wall bed system gives homeowners the ability to make the space multifunctional.


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