5 Home Upgrades Millennials Don’t Care About

Despite being called out for their ineptitude at saving money and their overwhelming fondness for spending it on experiences instead of things, millennials actually do desire financial stability — especially if it means they can buy a house.

So what kind of homes do they want? According to real estate professionals, a large majority of millennials seek out properties that are move-in ready — with plenty of room for customization.

However, home sellers are also becoming well-versed in what they don’t want. If you’re looking to attract millennial buyer, beware of these home upgrades that might turn them away.

Over-The-Top Landscaping

A spacious, well-manicured yard was the pride and joy of earlier generations that didn’t mind working up a sweat and fertilizing their laws. However, that’s not the case with busy millennials. They prefer cultivating indoor plants — and the convenience of an outdoor space that’s easy to maintain.

A Formal Dining Room

Mom and Grandma may have cherished dinner time in their fancy dining room with matching plates, sterling silver flatware, and gold-plated tea sets. However, younger buyers tend to consider that dedicated room a stuffy waste of space.

When it comes to gathering for a meal, millennials appreciate the laid-back simplicity of breakfast nooks and bar stools.

A Designated Floor Plan

Older generations may be satisfied with a mapped-out floor plan that designates a living room, kitchen, and dining room, but millennials seek multifunctional rooms. Think wide-open spaces that make the home feel like one flowing space.

Brand-New Carpeting

If you’re considering sprucing up your home before you sell, think twice before spending money on installing new carpets. Millennials are moving away from carpeting in favor of bare floors with statement rugs.

There are some buyers ok with carpet in bedrooms, but in the living areas, laminates, tile, hardwood, and engineered hardwood are much more popular.

Another reason to stick with noncarpeted flooring is that it’s more pet-friendly — and millennials love their pets. Carpeting can absorb and retain odors, stains, and hair, and pet cleanup is easier on a hardwood floor.

Memorabilia and Game Rooms

Millennials aren’t defined by their possessions — and they definitely don’t want to showcase them in a room. So if you’re thinking about staging a room where the owners can show off their stuff, think again.

Millennials may be a little different than previous generations in wanting to keep, collect, and show off all that they have accumulated. Put away the pool table and think digital. Millennials live a more digital existence, so staging your game area in a media room with a large TV or projector and maybe even surround sound.


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