Home Features That may Be A Waste of Cash

No one likes to overpay for a purchase, and this is particularly true when buying a home. After all, every square foot of space or block closer to a top school will cost you big time!

So if you’re a thrifty soul who must make every home-buying dollar count, check out these home features that often inspire sellers to jack up their price. That’s fine if you truly want these, but if not? You’re wasting your money.

A Huge Yard You Rarely Enjoy

A sprawling green lawn may have a certain curb appeal at first sight. And if you have kids or plan to spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s a fine feature to splurge on. But if you doubt anyone will be out there much, you’re just tossing money out the window. It turns out sellers charge a premium for that patch of grass, and you’ll funnel even more money going forward on lawn maintenance. It could end up just costing you a lot of money to maintain, even though it’s not being enjoyed.

A Short Commute You Won’t Use

if you work from home, commute at off-hours, work in the suburbs, or are retired, don’t pay extra to buy a house near mass transit, or within an easy driving distance of major office areas. Those are homes that regular commuters might covet, prompting sellers to charge more. Homes closer to major commerce centers cost quite a bit more than homes in outlying or suburban areas. Is this an important factor to you? If not, consider a home that’s a bit farther out to save money.

A Top School District When You Don’t Have Kids

A home zoned for a great public school will always command top dollar on the open market. You will also pay for this through your taxes. However, if you don’t have or plan to have kids, why empty your wallet to send someone else’s child to school? Look for homes just outside the district to save on purchase price and property taxes.

A Bigger House Than You Truly Need

Very often purchase a home that’s way bigger than they actually need. People end up with too much house and not even using the rooms they have. Since a purchase price directly reflects things like size, why overpay for bedrooms or media rooms you won’t use and have to heat, cool, furnish, and clean? Instead, protect your bank account by looking only for homes that reflect home much space you’ll actually use.

A Hot Neighborhood

A hip neighborhood that everyone’s buzzing about can send home prices soaring. But getting caught up in the hype and overspending in an area where prices haven’t quite gelled yet can be a risky proposition where you end up overpaying. Buying homes only in new areas that are still a relative bargain.

Fancy Amenities You Won’t Use

If you don’t drink wine regularly, you don’t need a wine refrigerator or to pay for a house with one, either. A six-car, air-conditioned garage or a built-in commercial pizza oven may appeal to a specific buyer. But such premium upgrades and add-ons will send a purchase price north, so you’d better make sure you use whatever you buy, often.

This is especially true when you buy a condo or a home in a planned community since you’ll have to consider the monthly condo or HOA fees you’ll be paying as part of your purchase price. Make no mistake, those fees are for amenities so if you don’t plan to take advantage of these features, you’re squandering your money.

The Nicest House in the Neighborhood

It may be tempting to snag the home with the biggest price tag in a certain ZIP code for bragging rights. But you never want to buy the most expensive home in the neighborhood. While it might be fun to know your house is the area’s castle, having the top comp in a neighborhood may become as an issue when it comes time to sell. This scenario leaves little room for your home’s price to appreciate, so you may not be able to recoup what you paid.


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