We have said time and time again how important staging your home to sell is.

What is home staging you ask? It is the process of strategically placing aesthetically pleasing furniture throughout your home to wow buyers!

In turn, you can stand to gain more profit and complete a quicker sale.

Here, we break down the numbers that back up the importance of home staging and tell you why it is more valuable than ever before.

Let’s cut to the facts

On average, sellers see about a 5% return on investment nationwide, according to a study from the National Association of Realtors.

Additionally, Homelight.com reports that 83% of agents say that a staged home will sell faster than an unstaged home.

Think about it – 95% of buyers use the internet to begin their home search. And in today’s world of social distancing, the entire process may even be completed fully online.

It is up to you as the seller to blow buyers away. You must give them a space that they can see themselves in.

Why staging is important

Professional photos and staging are a must if you want to get top dollar for your home and quick. Even more so with many home showings being completed virtually right now.

If buyers look at photos of an uninviting and cluttered home, they will quickly dismiss it as an option without giving it a second thought. Many people have a hard time visualizing a space when it is filled with items that distract the eye.

Or even worse, an empty room boasting bare floors and four walls. How is a buyer supposed to get an idea of the size and potential of a space that way?

In our current climate, many individuals are working from home. Give them an office space they can envision themselves in! Read: How To Wow Buyers With Your Bonus Room.

You also must keep in mind that the millennial generation is now scouring the market. A professional staging company will know just how to cater to their interests while keeping your home natural enough for other generational buyers.

A word from the experts

An outdated home can easily feel brand new with just a few furnishing updates. This allows the space to feel more visionary and expensive, so buyers are compelled to make a higher offer.

It is almost as if they are getting an interior design plan for free!

Local experts, Step By Stage Interiors, report that their average DOM [days on market] before generating an offer is currently only 4.5 days.

It is so worth it to stage your home. Also, it is not uncommon for your agent to offer to help with the cost. If this is not the case, some companies such as Step By Stage Interiors offer a Pay at Closing option.

For more tips and tricks to sell your home quickly and for top dollar, check out our video series: Selling In A Snap!