Agents In Action

Agents in Action: May Highlights

Without our community, there would be no S&D Real Estate. And because of this, we approach each day with a grateful heart and a renewed commitment to leaving our community better than we found it. We are welcoming and easy to approach. We treat each new relationship with enthusiasm. And we put in the extra effort to remember not only names and faces but the stories and motivations behind each.

Check out our Highlights from May!

Agents in Action: June Highlights


Check out our Highlights from June!

Agents in Action: July Highlights


Check out our Highlights from July!

Agents in Action: August Highlights


Check out our Highlights from August!

The Agents of S&D

3 Things Other Realtors Do Wrong

The mark of a “bad” Realtor is not doing these three things that the Pinnacle Group at S&D Real Estate does correctly. Find out what those three things are! 

S&D Real Estate Agent – Wendy McNally

Our agent, Wendy McNally discusses the importance of staging a home and how she has a skill very little Realtors actually have.

S&D Real Estate Agent – Madison Zorn

Madison Zorn may have recently gotten her license, but she has been working in Property Management for awhile. Learn all the increble experience she brings to the table! 

S&D Real Estate Agent – Matt Linton

Matt Linton has hundreds of years of experiece under his belt. How is that possible? Check out this to find out!

The Reina Team

Hey it’s Shawn again! Today we had the pleasure to interview the Reina Team. They have tons of expereince AND an intense system they use to stay organized through the home buying process. Check it out now! 

Home Navigators Team

The Home Navigators, Jim & Tammie Hampton bring a unique perspective to home buying and selling sicne they have moved over 30 times! They have dealt with everything from New Construction to a complete remodel and everything in between. 

Interview with The Unicorn Realtor

Personalization and personality is key when looking for a Realtor. Alysia Cortes, aka The Unicorn Realtor, speaks about how she has blossomed into a Real Estate powerhouse!

S&D Real Estate Property Management

S&D Property Management Division has won several awards for their amazing effiecncy and great customer service. Our Property-Manager, John-Michael Elliott sheds some light on how our amazing team works.