Millennials On The Move

Episode 1

Are Millennials even buying houses? In this video series we will talk about what millennials look for when they are in the market to buy a home.

Episode 2

What can you do to attract more Millennials to buy homes that you are selling? In this video series we will talk about making your homes into smart homes so you can attract more buyers, especially millennials .

Episode 3

If you want to sell your home to the exploding Millennial Market, then you should know they care what their friends think. Crazy right? 

Episode 4

Would you believe that there is a super simple thing you do to upgrade your home to make it more appealing to Millennials? 

Episode 5

What’s the most appealing home design to Millennials? CLEAN & SIMPLE!

Episode 6: Starter Home vs Forever Home – Part 1

If you’re thinking about buying your first home you may be wondering what kind of house is right for you. Should you buy a starter home and sell it in a few years to buy your forever home or should you just save to buy your forever home right off the bat?

Episode 7: Starter Home vs Forever Home – Part 2

Starter homes are great, but they are not for everyone. However, there are definitely benefits to buying a forever home right out of the gate. However, saving up for a forever home can seem impossible, but it can be done with some determination and incredible savings skills. 

Episode 8: Home Insurance vs Home Warranty

When buying a home for the first time there are a lot of terms thrown around so it’s easy to get them mixed up. Home Warranties and Home Insurance are two completely different things but on the surface, they seem very similar.  Check out this video defining what each of them covers and what they don’t.