Home Buyer Myths

Myth 1

“I don’t have enough for a down payment!” It’s a common statement for many future homeowners, but do you actually know how much you need for a down payment? There’s only one way to find out!

Myth 2

“I can’t buy a house now, I’m stuck in my lease!” Renting can be a hard cycle to break so it’s important to know what your termination fees are in case that dream home you’ve been looking for hits the market. You won’t want to be suck in your rental forever! 

Myth 3

If you’re worried about buyer’s remorse don’t let that stop you from buying a home. Waiting too long for the perfect deal can actually be a huge mistake.

Myth 4

COVID-19 certainly turned everything upside down, including the Real Estate market. However, as business picks back up one thing to consider is “Days On Market.” Normally, when a property has been sitting on the market for a while it’s easy to assume there is something wrong with the home. However, in today’s market that isn’t always the case. 

Myth 4 – Part 2

Don’t let a high “Days On Market” deter you from seeing a home you love online. Seeing it in-person might be just what you need. Plus, due to COVID-19 the potential for homes to sit on the market a little longer is not uncommon. Especially if they were listed right before the Stay At Home Order.