Historic Homes

Rules & Regulations

If you’re in love with Lakeland’s Historic District, which is very easy to fall for. You might be thinking owning a piece of history is right for you. However, knowing all the rules and regulations that come with buying a historic home is important to understand to fully enjoy your relic of the past.

Repairs & Maintenance

Many of Lakeland’s Historic Homes were built in the 1920’s which means they are filled to the brim with historic charm. However, repairs and maintenance can be difficult for older homes since many of the materials used to build them are no longer available. So, how do you repair and maintain a historic home?

The Benefits

If cookie-cutter houses aren’t your thing, a historic home may be just what you need. The benefits to owning one are endless, check out this video where we go over a few of the benefits to owning your own piece of Lakeland history.