Millennials On The Move

Episode 1

Are Millennials even buying houses? In this video series we will talk about what millennials look for when they are in the market to buy a home.

Episode 2

What can you do to attract more Millennials to buy homes that you are selling? In this video series we will talk about making your homes into smart homes so you can attract more buyers, especially millennials .

Episode 3

If you want to sell your home to the exploding Millennial Market, then you should know they care what their friends think. Crazy right? 

Episode 4

Would you beleive that there is a super simple thing you do to upgrade your home to make it more appealing to Millennials? 

Episode 5

What’s the most appealing home design to Millennials? CLEAN & SIMPLE!

Episode 6: Starter Home vs Forever Home – Part 1

If you’re thinking about buying your first home you may be wondering what kind of house is right for you. Should you buy a starter home and sell it in a few years to buy your forever home or should you just save to buy your forever home right off the bat?

Episode 7: Starter Home vs Forever Home – Part 2

Starter homes are great, but they are not for everyone. However, there are definitly benefits to buying a forever home right out of the gate. However, saving up for a forever home can seem impossible, but it can be done with some determination and incredible savings skills. 

Home Buyer Myths

Myth 1

“I don’t have enough for a down payment!” It’s a common statement for many future homeowners, but do you actually know how much you need for a down payment? There’s only one way to find out!

Myth 2

“I can’t buy a house now, I’m stuck in my lease!” Renting can be a hard cycle to break so it’s important to know what your termination fees are in case that dream home you’ve been looking for hits the market. You won’t want to be suck in your rental forever! 

Myth 3

If you’re worried about buyer’s remorse don’t let that stop you from buying a home. Waiting too long for the perfect deal can actually be a huge mistake.

Selling In A Snap


Selling your home can be stressful but there is one thing you can do to stand out from the compitition. CLEAN! Believe it or not but a spotless home gives off that move-in ready feel making your home much more desirable to buyers.


First impressions are everything so ensuring that your home looks its absolute best when buyers stop by to see it in-person is crucial. An easy way to do that is to hire a professional interior designer to stage your home! 


These days most homebuyers are finding their new homes online, which means one thing. The pictures of your home need to spectacular. Pictures give potential home buyers the first glimpse of your home and it’s where they ultimately decide whether or not they want to see your home in person. So getting professional pictures taken of your home is crucial to it selling fast and for top dollar.


Coming up with the right price for your home can be the most difficult part of the selling process. If the price is too high your home can sit on the market, too low and you will be leaving money on the table. 

Home Value Reports & Fair Pricing

No one wants their home sitting on the market for months with little to no showings. However, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent that from happening. The first thing you should consider is getting a Home Value Report done by a Realtor, that way you will know what “fair market value” for your home is. 

Unusual Home Features 

Did you know that there may be a feature in your home that is keeping in from selling? Don’t worry there are things that you can do to sell your home in a snap!

Bidding Wars

In Lakeland’s HOT Real Estate market bidding wars are bound to happen. So what’s the easiest way to win a bidding war? The answer might surprise you!

If you find the home of your dreams but other offers are on the table you might have to break out your secret weapon to win a bidding war!

In Lakeland’s HOT Real Estate Market bidding wars are enivitable. You want to make sure that you have a trusted adn knowledgable Realtor on your side. However, here are two insider secrets you should know before battling it out in bidding war!

Contingencies allow buyers to back out of contracts for many reasons. But did you know when you submit an offer you can use the contigencies to your advantage to win a bidding war? 

It’s always a good idea to allign youself with a trusted Realtor who has the experiece. Why? Well, when you find yourself in the middle of a bidding war in Lakeland’s hot market you are going to want an S&D Agent on your side. 

The Agents of S&D

The mark of a “bad” Realtor is not doing these three things that the Pinnacle Group at S&D Real Estate does correctly. Find out what those three things are! 

Our agent, Wendy McNally discusses the importance of staging a home and how she has a skill very little Realtos actually have. 

Madison Zorn may have recently gotten her license, but she has been working in Property Management for awhile. Learn all the increble experience she brings to the table! 

Matt Linton has hundreds of years of experiece under his belt. How is that possible? Check out this to find out!

Hey it’s Shawn again! Today we had the pleasure to interview the Reina Team. They have tons of expereince AND an intense system they use to stay organized through the home buying process. Check it out now! 

The Home Navigators, Jim & Tammie Hampton bring a unique perspective to home buying and selling sicne they have moved over 30 times! They have dealt with everything from New Construction to a complete remodel and everything in between. 

Personalization and personality is key when looking for a Realtor. Alysia Cortes, aka The Unicorn Realtor, speaks about how she has blossomed into a Real Estate powerhouse!

S&D Property Management Division has won several awards for their amazing effiecncy and great customer service. Our Property-Manager, John-Michael Elliott sheds some light on how our amazing team works.

Local Experts

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