Whether you’ve purchased and sold a home before, or this is your first time, you want to get the most profit out of your house that you can.

Most sellers like to tidy up and place fresh flowers to make the house smell nice. But these are typical techniques. Do you want to get the best price possible and even spark a bidding war?

Here are some tips that just might put your house over the edge.

Check your curb appeal

First impressions are important. Look at your curb appeal. Is the driveway stained and cracked? Is your mailbox old and leaning? These are details to keep in mind when trying to fetch the best sales.

Teris Pantazes, CEO and co-founder of a pre-home improvement company says, “Replace the mailbox-literally the first thing people see”. Take his advice and make the first impression on your house count.

Update your kitchen and bathroom

The best tip most house flippers use to get top dollar for their flip homes is to reglaze old bathrooms. Reglaze your light pink, green, or any old color bathroom tile white. This will make a dated bathroom look 30 years younger.

Any small improvements you can make to your bathroom and kitchen can make a huge difference in appearance. Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses so make sure yours is up to date.

List under value

Most sellers fear that not leaving room to negotiate leaves money on the table. That’s not always true. Data shows that if you list a home 10% under market value, you will attract 75% more of the buyer pool than if you were to list 10% over market value.

Buyers are often motivated to bid when they see other bids on a property. This is a system that typically pushes bids above market value.

Provide insider information

What’s something interesting about your neighborhood? What’s its proximity to a community pool and park? How many dog walkers are there? Mentioning even the smallest detail about your neighborhood may attract an unpredicted buyer.

Make sure to include details in the listing that buyers will appreciate and can only get from you. You’re the homeowner, nobody knows these details better than you.

Mention all house extras

Do you have cool extras in and around your house? Mention them! The motion-activated light at your front door, an automatic garage door timer, security system, camera doorbell, etc. These details may blow over your head, but they can make buyers feel like everything’s been taken care of for them and inspire a top-dollar offer.

Take a step back and really take in your house. What does it have to offer? What can you do to make tiny improvements? Once you can pick this information out, follow these tips and make your house top-dollar worthy.