Halloween isn’t just the time for pumpkin spice lattes and sugar rushes, it is also the chance for sellers to find a buyer. Now that people are starting to hunker down for the holidays, it could be a little more difficult to find the perfect buyer, so your home needs as much creative marketing as it can get. Lucky for you, every year on Halloween, more than 41 million kids in the US go trick-or-treating, many with their parents. Translation: Halloween is the one day of year that dozens of people will visit your home, no effort required. So, if you are eager to seize this opportunity, check out these tips to make the most out of your Halloween.

Sweet Marketing

Kids will happily take any treats you hand out and their parents will most likely survey their haul since most parents like candy just as much as kids do. This scenario creates the perfect marketing opportunity. Using candy to carry the message that your home is for sale has the potential to reach several hundred people, and you never had to leave your front door.

Your S&D Real Estate Agent would be incredibly glad to help you with something like this. Either attaching business cards to pieces of candy or printing off flyers for parents to grab on the way off your porch.

Halloween Themed Open House

Instead of having trick-or-treaters just come to your porch, why not bring them all the way inside. The perfect way to do that is to have a Halloween-themed open house. This will give buyers the chance to see the home while celebrating all things scary. Ideally, you will want to host this open house the weekend before Halloween, that way you can attract buyers who may not normally trick-or-treat in your neighborhood.

Dial Back the Decor

A home with great curb appeal can increase the purchase price of your home by 20%. So, the last thing you want to do is undo all that work by going overboard with the Halloween decorations. Keep in mind that you want to draw attention to your house’s gorgeous features and not the scary ghosts hanging out in your trees. Stick to something less scary and more fall. So colorful leaves, a few pumpkins, and maybe a bale of hay can give off the fall vibe without, literally, scaring buyers away.