There is a big difference between decorating for your own pleasure and decorating to sell your house. If you are planning on staying put painting your entire bathroom hot pink won’t matter. However, if you might place your house on the market in the next couple years then you may need to tone down what you like. Instead, focus on what buyers in your area are looking for. To help you out here is a list of home design trends to avoid in order to sell your home much faster.


Wallpaper is making a comeback, however, using bold wallpaper may deter buyers from your house. Patterns like animal prints, tropicals, cacti, and geometrics all fall into the “do not use” category. The goal is for the buyer to see themselves in your home and it may be hard for them to do that if they can’t get past the wallpaper. It is better to give potential buyers a blank canvas and let their imaginations run wild with what they could do with the home.

Intricate Tile

Bold-patterned cement tiles are popping up everywhere from Instagrammable restaurants to hip backsplashes to bathroom floors. This is exactly why you should avoid them. The pattern may be on-trend but will become outdated soon and turn buyers off. Strong patterns will also catch a buyer’s eye in the online listing photos of your home, and not in a good way. You want buyers to see potential in your space, not be distracted by divisive tile choices. Bold prints and patterns on walls, bedding, and rugs will stand out in a big way in your online photos as well as during a home tour. Which again isn’t a good thing, you want people to remember your amazing house, not your bright bedspread.

Too Much Purple & Yellow

Yes, purple is the color of the year and “Gen Z Yellow” is super trendy right now, but use these colors with caution. Purple walls will only appeal to a small niche of people. If you can’t live without bold bright colors like purple go for a few colorful pillows and other accessories.

Too Much White

On the flip side, you also don’t want your house too white. This often gives off a cold and uninviting vibe. The sleek, European, monochromatic palette is fashionable, but it can lack conveying a warmth and coziness that a home buyer wants to feel when looking for their new home. If you already have the all-white trend in your home it is very easy to warm up. You just have to add some tones and texture to the space to warm it up. Things like pillows, throws, and other accessories and accent pieces will help.

Overdoing the Brass and Copper

Copper, brass, rose gold, and other warm metals are having their moment. However, like all moments, they will come to an end. Choosing premium bathroom or kitchen fixtures in these trendy, bright metals may not be the best idea. Brass especially an be a love-it-or-hate-it look. Instead, choose more neutral metals like stainless steel, chrome, or nickel for fixtures.