Why Work By Referral?

S&D Real Estate Services Referral Division holds a realtor’s license in a current/inactive
status. This allows you to refer customers to active agents and receive referral money
which is a great passive income source.

There is no fee charged to you to have your license held by S&D Real Estate Services
Referral Division. You do not pay any fees to any local or state boards, no MLS fees, no
dues -zero money! All you’re required to do is keep your license current by
completing your continuing education.

When you refer a friend or family member to an S&D active agent, you will earn 90% of the
gross collected referral commission. (If you refer a customer to an agent outside of the
S&D family, you will earn 80% of the collected referral commission.)

How Does It Work?

You can earn money just by referring friends! | S&D Real Estate Service Referral Division