So, you’re planning to relocate. Sounds easy right? What can go wrong? In reality, if you don’t plan carefully, a lot can go wrong.

The earlier you prepare for a move, the less stressful it will be. If a rental relocation is on your horizon, keep this checklist handy to make sure the little things don’t fall through the cracks.

Talk to your Property Manager

If you don’t want to be stuck paying for two places, give notice of your move to your current rental. Read through your lease. Find where it states how much notice you need to give your property manager before moving out.

Confirm your move-out and move-in dates

Once you’ve given notice to your current property manager, schedule your move-out/move-in dates. Talk with both your current and future property managers to make sure you have a smooth transition from one place to the other.

Look at the floor plan of your new place

Get the measurements of your new space and look at the floor plan. Will your furniture fit? If it won’t, save yourself the trouble of moving it and sell your old furniture now. Plan to buy new furniture once you’re in your new home and have a better idea of what will fit.

Hire movers

Depending on how much stuff you’re moving, and how far you’re moving, it might help to hire movers. If bringing in professionals makes the most sense for your move, you’ll need to give them a clear picture of how many items will be transported.

Research parking regulations

Whether you’re hiring movers or doing it all yourself, you’ll need to know where to park. Most apartment complexes don’t allow storage trailers to park in a regular parking spot. Make sure you know the parking rules not only at your new home but also at your current.

Coordinate utility changeovers

Arrange to have utilities turned off at your old location and turned on at your new one. Most companies allow you to switch your service from one address to another, but there’s paperwork involved. Don’t wait until the last minute, plan accordingly.

Change your address

Don’t forget to update your address with USPS and on all your credit cards, banks, and other important contacts. Another helpful tip is to get the forwarding address for the former tenant. This will come in handy if you get any of their mail.

Swap keys

Plan to meet with your property manager to get the keys to your new place. This is important. You don’t want to be stuck waiting to get in. You’ll also want to coordinate surrendering the keys to your old place.

Celebrate your move

Dreaming about your new place is the best part about moving. You’re imagining the next chapter in your life. Plan something to commemorate the occasion. This could be as simple as a bottle of champagne at the end of moving day or pre-planning a large celebration.

Moving is exciting but can also be stressful. Read through these tips and make sure you have everything in line to make for a smooth transition.