This year really has zoomed by because, in a few days, it will be Thanksgiving! Now you are probably starting to go into panic mode thinking “how am I going to get all this done?” Well, worry not, here is a list of a few life hacks that can help keep this Thanksgiving stress-free.

No Turkey Rack?

If you forgot to get a turkey rack or yours has seen better days, a great way to substitute is to use vegetables. Use large carrots and celery sticks to set your turkey on. This is especially useful if you are going to be using an aluminum disposable pan.

Head Start on Potatoes

Potatoes can easily be a family favorite and, definitelya staple in a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Peel the potatoes hours or a day ahead of time then leave them in a mixture of lemon slices and water in a salad spinner with the cover on. When it is time to boil them, just pull up on the inner basket and they drain themselves. Throw them in the pot of boiling water and you are good to go.

No Food Processor for Pie Dough

In order to make awesome pie crust, place flour on a pie plate and using a box grater, grate frozen butter into the flour. That way you will get perfect “pea-sized” crumbs that every recipe is talking about without a pastry cutter, butter knives, food processor, or sweating necessary.

Chill Wine Faster with Salt

If you throw a handful of salt into a bucket of water and ice, your wine will chill in a fraction of the time. The salt allows the mixture of ice and water to become colder than just ice alone. Plus, the added water is a more efficient conductor of cold than just ice.