Usually, the number one reason a potential buyer starts their home search is because they are in need of more space. Whether it’s a first-time home buyer looking to leave behind their cramped apartment, or a current homeowner looking for more room to start a family, the idea of more living space is alluring.

This means good news for that bonus room in your home that has endless potential. Flex space is a huge selling point in the market right now. Here is how to make the most out of staging these areas:

1. Stick to one theme

When showcasing your additional living space, it is important to give the room one purpose. Buyers will almost always be turned off by an office that is doubling as a home gym.

This hinders a buyer from viewing the full potential the room has to offer. You want them to be able to envision themselves in your home.

2. Let’s get physical

An at home gym or wellness room is a huge desire for those embracing the recent rise in health related activities.

You may be thinking, I do not have or can’t afford a treadmill to use just for staging purposes. The great thing about staging a home workout room is that you do not need the heavy equipment. What would be most visually appealing is to whip out those yoga mats you probably have in storage and play up the cozy meditation vibe with plants and mirrors.

Bonus points if you are able dress up a corner of the room with a basket of free hand weights and a small table accented with a tray holding a pitcher of water and glasses.

3. Dress up your hobbies

If you are passionate about crafting, painting, music, or gaming, this is the perfect opportunity to reflect so in your space. There is no need to spend any more than you have to in order to stage a spare room.

Use these items that define your hobby to dress up your flex space. If you paint, hang your artwork on the walls and set up an easel and chair on one side of the room, and a desk or bookcase for storing paints and supplies.

If you play a musical instrument you can hang your guitars on the wall or display your piano. A cozy couch and musical memorabilia on the walls will accent the room nicely.

4. Create an authentic office space

A home working space is one of the most desirable purposes for a bonus room. You do not want to just throw a desk in there and call it a day.

Make sure the space looks not only attractive, but functional as well. Dress up the desk with a lamp and some minimal office supplies. A pen holder or laptop would make the most sense in this space.

And to go the extra mile, a bookcase piled with books and small décor items will most definitely make a great impact.