Certain circumstances call for a quick home sale. Unfortunately, there may not be time to research the current Real Estate market to determine if it’s the right time to sell.

However, there are a few tips and tricks that are recommended in order to offload your home as soon as possible.

Tidy up your humble abode

It almost goes without saying, but you will want to clean your home really well before the listing photos are taken. This will make it appear more attractive to a buyer. Not only will the home be visually appealing, it will take the stress of a deep clean off the buyer and help add that “move-in ready” factor.

Do not neglect the cabinets, fans and light fixtures, walls, drawers, and the air vents. These items often go overlooked.

You should also make sure any clutter is hidden; you don’t want your home to look too lived in. Put away any toiletries or personal items laying out on counter tops or dressers and nightstands, unnecessary appliances on kitchen counters, and extra blankets or pillows. And do not forget to de-clutter the exterior of the home as well.

Have your house staged

Having a professional interior decorator stage your house could offer you a one to five percent increase in your asking price.

Staging your home allows a neutral way for buyers to imagine themselves in the space. A professional staging company knows how to maximize the potential of the square footage while only incorporating items and furniture that are necessary.

Use only your best photos

In order to showcase your home in its best light, you might not want to take your listing photos on your cell phone. You could have a professional take your listing photos for you, or ideally, your listing agent will have all the tools.

When choosing your listing agent, ask them if they have a digital camera with a wide-angle lens. This will provide the best first impression for potential buyers. Even more so, some agents may have access to tools where they can provide a virtual walk through of your home.

Honey I’m home

If you are expecting a quick sale, you will need to make sure your home is available for a showing on short notice. Make sure you are constantly keeping up with and tidying the home day-to-day and have a game plan for when a potential buyer may be stopping by.

Keep in mind friends and family members who can host you on the fly while buyers navigate your home. You may even need to pack up the family and roam around the store for a bit.

It is also important to note to not leave your pets behind. You never know what kind of impression that will leave on a potential buyer.

The price is right

Finally, if you are truly in desperate need of selling your home quick, you may want to come down on your asking price.

Work with your agent to make sure you are competing fairly with similar homes on the market.