Regardless of what the pros say, you should always stick with the style you like. However, if you can’t escape that sinking feeling that your decor is looking a little outdated or tired, we can help. Let’s take a look at some of the hot new design ideas you may want to use for 2018 to breathe new life into your home. 

Bold Colors

For the second year in a row, bold colors are something that interior designers can’t get enough of. In fact, Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 Color of the Year is Oceanside SW 6496, which is an intense shade of blue-green. Also, Pantone announced that the rich and regal UltraViolet will be 2018’s most popular color. By pairing these jewel tones with bold, dustier shades to create a lush, layered look, you will make your guests swoon. Dipping the room in a dramatic shade like midnight navy, eggplant, or charcoal is a fun way to embrace a deep, rich color, and the result is incredibly inviting. Also, outlining the room or windows in dark trim helps punctuate unique features. 

Mixed Metallics

If you look back in time, mixing metals was a huge no-no. However, now today’s homeowners want more than one or two copper or brass features. Buyers love seeing modern, eclectic choices like a hammered copper light fixture above the kitchen island paired with sleek chrome faucets and cabinet hardware. However, you don’t want your home to feel too cold. So, to warm it up a bit, pair these metals with a natural stone like marble or limestone, and look for interesting finishes like matte black, satin brass, and black nickel. 

Gen Z Yellow

If you remember the epic Beyoncé music video for Lemonade as she marches down the street smashing windows is a bold yellow Cavalli dress, well, as it turns out, that yellow has caught on. Now being called “Gen Z Yellow”, designers, fashionistas, and millennials will tell you that this is definitely a color to watch. This bright color gives off a positive, confident, vibrant, and enthusiastic vibe many homeowners want. 

Light, Textured Wood Floors

Red-toned woods are quickly fading in popularity along with tropical and exotic types like Brazilian cherry or walnut. Instead, flooring trends are moving toward a lighter color palette that can be found in maple, pine, or hickory. These lighter woods brighten interior spaces and hide imperfections more easily, making them family-friendly choices. 

Black Fixtures

Say goodbye to brass and hello to black. Black fixtures will begin taking the place of brass hardware. Why? Well, black pretty much goes with anything. Also, it is much easier to keep clean, especially if you get it in a matte finish. These finishes look great in modern homes as well as more traditional houses.