With COVID-19 interrupting Real Estate’s busiest season, it seems that the fall and the coming winter seasons are picking up.

Depending on the type of property you are selling, and the location, you will need to play to your home’s seasonal attributes.

No matter which season you plan to sell your home, keep these factors in mind:


When we think of the winter months, visions of snow, Christmas decorations, and lights may dance in our heads. Now that home sales have been pushed out as buyers become financially stable again, a house may just be at the top of their Christmas list.

Here are some tips on how to present your home this season:

  • In the colder months, it is important to make sure all walkways are clear. Also, make sure to clean your windows well and trim any trees or shrubs.
  • Take advantage of the holiday season and incorporate seasonal décor not only inside the home but outside as well.
  • Wreaths and garland are always a nice touch but stay away from less traditional holiday décor like inflatables and colored lights. You want to be able to appeal to a variety of buyers.


We are not through with our fall season yet! If you currently have your home on the market, these are a few housekeeping items you should be spending some time on:

  • In the fall, it is important to play on your home’s curb appeal. Landscaping is a must so be sure to keep your grass green and free of any falling leaves.
  • By utilizing fall-themed décor, you will show that you keep your home current and maintained.
  • Also, keep in mind that the clocks go back in the fall. Update your lighting to ensure that you are not showing your home in the dark.


This is the perfect time for some spring cleaning. After the change in seasons, there is nothing better than to see a fresh, sparkling space!

  • Replace any plants that may have been damaged by frost in the colder months.
  • Put out a brand-new welcome mat to welcome in potential buyers. Another way to set the mood is to change out the scent in your air fresheners.
  • Bring in as much light in the home to signify the season of change. Swap out any dark winter blankets with light and bright duvets.


  • Home showings during the summer months bring excess heat. Combat this by leaving fresh tea or lemonade for buyers during a showing.
  • If your home has a nice outdoor patio or pool, make sure to play this up to your advantage. Set out extra chairs and outdoor furniture so guests can picture themselves utilizing that space.
  • Summer landscaping is very important, but do not neglect the interior of your home. By adding a few potted plants or flowers to shelves and tables, you bring fresh life and color into your home.

These tips may seem like small fixes, but they are sure to have a big impact. No matter what season, it is important to play to the strengths of your home to guarantee a timely sale.