“Sweater weather” has a different meaning when you are a homeowner. From lawn maintenance to winterizing the pool, the season changing beckons extra items for your to-do list.

There’re plenty of maintenance tasks to keep you busy from DIY to outsourced projects. Here are a few tasks to add to your to-do list this fall.

Check the insulation

Just like you check windows and doors for air leaks, it’s important to check on your home’s insulation. Insulation ensures that heat isn’t escaping.

A senior project manager of air handlers, Darcy Lee, states that “if your attic or crawl space is not properly insulated, your heating system has to work harder during the fall and winter months to keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature”.

Insulation can be daunting and it’s never a bad idea to call for help. But you can do it yourself! Most insulation materials, like fiberglass or mineral wool, are easy enough for the average homeowner to install themselves.

Trim the trees

Lawn maintenance isn’t always fun, but it’s important to tackle before winter. Trimming dead branches off trees can help prevent damage from heavy winds and storms. Use a simple pruning saw to cut back bushes and lower tree branches.

If it gets too much to handle, call in the professionals. Tree-trimming services run anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. Look at your trees and see if you need professional help or if it’s a task you can tackle on your own.

Clear leaves to keep out pests

This is more than just aesthetics. Keeping your lawn cleared of leaves and debris helps prevent pests from moving in. Insects begin to migrate to areas they can fully harbor as fall turns into winter. If you don’t want these pesky insects moving in close to your home, keep your yard cleared.

If you already have a pest problem, it might be time to bring in the big guns. Call in the pros and get their advice and services.

Winterize your pool

To make sure you don’t run into problems come springtime, winterize your pool. You’ll want to maintain it properly throughout fall to avoid algae, freezing, or other issues. There’s so much to do to prepare your pool.

This to-do list ranges from chemical treatments to filter cleaning. Luckily, you can do this yourself! Take a weekend to clean and prep your pool before covering it for the season.

Everyone loves fall but not everyone loves the maintenance that comes with it as a homeowner. Educate yourself on how to care for your home this fall and so what’s best for you and your home.