Depending on your needs and reasoning’s for your home purchase, there are many home features that will be making it onto your “must” list. But what about those features that you could do without?

Many sellers try to get sneaky and raise the price of their home due to these home features. Which ones are worth it, and which can you say it’s just a waste of money.

A huge yard

This is a great addition to a home if you have kids, pets, or love to entertain outdoors. However, if you aren’t very in tune with your outdoorsy side, you are tossing your money out the window.

Not only will sellers charge extra for the additional square footage, but you will be spending precious hours on the weekends mowing, weed eating, and keeping your landscape in tip top shape. It’s just not worth the hassle if it does not bring you joy.

A short commute

Depending on your lifestyle, you may not need to be so closely located to the city. If most of your work is done from home, it may not benefit you to pay extra to be close to that office you visit maybe once a week.

Also, if you cook at home more often than not, do not splurge in a home that is conveniently located next to all the restaurants.

Be realistic about how often you travel into the city and determine if a longer commute is something that may benefit your wallet in the long run.

A top school district

Not only will being located within close distance to a good school district raise the price of a home, but you will pay for it in taxes as well.

If you do not have children or plan on having any anytime soon, this is just not a necessary item.

Single story home

If you do not mind the extra workout that stairs provide, two-story homes are often more affordable now that open concept plans are so popular.

More space than you can manage

Only buy a home with the rooms and space for what you actually need. You may have plans to turn an additional room into a game room or theater room down the road, but is it something that will actually be worth the extra money spent in cleaning and heating a cooling?

A hip neighborhood

The latest and hottest neighborhood will definitely send prices soaring. How much does a trendy neighborhood matter to you?

If the answer is no, then avoid the high price tag and stick to safer bargains in new areas.

Fancy amenities

Houses that have been owned by the sellers for a while tend to have “bonus” features that have been added. These features are tailored to the seller’s hobbies and interests. They may have added a wine fridge, pizza oven, or an A/C unit in their garage.

These upgrades are often used as a pawn to up the price tag of the home. Be careful with this added cost, and if you are paying for an upgrade, you’d better make sure you will use it often.