When buying a home, there are going to be some compromises that you have to make because the home you buy will, probably, not have everything on your wish list. There is no such thing as a perfect house, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be happy and create some great memories there. However, it can be all too easy to walk into a house and get distracted by minor imperfections that will sway you from the home that could be your dream home after some minor changes and TLC. So, here are a few things that may look bad but shouldn’t be a deal breaker. 


Some people don’t mind carpet, but it is becoming more common for buyers to stick their nose up at carpet. Fortunately, this is an easy fix that, at the end of the day, doesn’t need to be fixed right away and it’s not that expensive compared to other reno costs. If you walk into a house and really the only problem you have with the home is the outdated carpet, don’t let that be a deal breaker. Just imagine the home with a nice tile or the classic hardwood that you know and love. 

Wallpaper & Paint Colors

These are two of the most inexpensive and easy changes to make in a home. It may be hard to see past the bright neon green bathroom or the wallpaper that dates back to the 30s, but with a few hours of elbow grease, you can change that without hiring a professional. You shouldn’t let these minor horrors discourage you from the potential of owning a great house.

Weird Smells

This is probably one of the more difficult things to see… well, smell past. There is nothing worse than walking into a house and smelling wet dog or cigarette smoke. However, there are several ways to get these awful smells out of the house. Really, the home just needs a good cleanse and, once you do that, your home could be smelling like new. There really isn’t anything soap, water, and Febreze can’t fix. 

Outdated Kitchen

Over the years, the kitchen has become the heart of the home and has progressively gotten bigger and more open to the home. So, when looking at a potential new house, the kitchen can often be a deal breaker because they are infamously expensive to renovate. However, if you are being thrown off by the outdated light fixtures and cabinets, fear not, these are easy fixes. On the other end of the spectrum, let’s say that, really, the entire kitchen needs to be overhauled. HGTV will have you believe that the best thing to do is to renovate the whole kitchen at once. Now, this is the shortest way to get to what you want but not necessarily the best. Each month, you could focus on a different aspect of the kitchen until you are done. So, you could end the year with a brandnew kitchen without a $30,000+ hole in your bank account. 

In conclusion, don’t let cosmetic discrepancies sway you from buying a good house. Just because the walls are an awful color, the kitchen is something out of the 80’s, and it smells a little funky, does not mean that this couldn’t be a fantastic home for you and your family.