It is time – you are in the market to finally sell your home. You know that there are a few problem areas that need to be addressed before it is put on the market.

Can you fool potential buyers with a quick fix? Or should you leave it to the professionals to get the job done?

Here are some red flags that will immediately stand out to buyers as a disguise for something potentially alarming:

1. Painted ceiling patches

When buyers are viewing a home, they are taking in every bit of it from top to bottom. That includes the ceilings as well.

They will be looking for popcorn ceilings or other textures, height, beams, and, of course, stains.

If there are noticeable patches of paint on the ceiling, it will be clear to the buyers that the seller is trying to cover up something.

The solution: If your ceiling has stains, it is possible your roof has a leak. This needs to be looked over by a professional to avoid any major problems during the home inspection. Consider having a pre-inspection done to rule out any items that may jeopardize your closing.

2. No water in the bathroom

Buyers will be curious about the water pressure in the bathroom. If they go to test the faucets and the water is shut off, this will lead buyers to believe the water pressure is low or that the seller is hiding a toilet that runs constantly.

The solution: The good news is if your toilet is running it should be an easy fix. The flapper may need a replacement. You can purchase these at your local hardware store and even install it yourself following the directions.

As for low water pressure, it is likely caused by pipes and valves not working as they should. Ensure that your water meter and main shutoff valves are fully opened. This would also be a good time to check your pressure regulator.

If all else fails, you may need to contact a licensed plumber to remedy the problem.

3. Old trim painted over

Just like the saying “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”, you can paint old trim, but it will still not distract from any rotting or chipped edges.

The solution: If there are only small sections of wood rot, this may be something menial enough that buyers are willing to repair themselves.

However, if the issue is more than just cosmetic this could raise complaints during the home inspection.

Again, a pre-inspection will do you wonders in this situation.

4. External units

What we mean by this are space heaters, window A/C units, and dehumidifiers. If the house has central air conditioning and heating, buyers will wonder why these units are present in the home.

The solution: It may just be that you prefer an extra boost in addition to your central system, but still hid them away to avoid alarming potential buyers.

If there is a larger underlying issue, have a professional fix it before you list your home because it is guaranteed to come up later down the road.