City living isn’t for everybody and maybe circling the block several times looking for a parking place is not something you want to spend your time doing. So, you pack up your family and head to the suburbs to go house hunting. However, one thing may be lingering in the back of your mind: Are the suburbs really right for us? To help you with this decision, let’s take a look at some of the many pros and cons to the suburbs that may aid in your decision. 

Your Daily Commute

If you are going to be commuting from your suburb home back to the big city every morning, your commute is definitely going to be an important factor to take into consideration. Technically speaking, your commute may be a shorter distance when living in the suburbs but the ratrace every morning is likely to cause traffic congestion. So, even though it is a shorter distance, it could take you longer to get to work. Nevertheless, hundreds of people drive into the city for work and turn right back around at 5 o’clock to come home, so this is doable. If you find the perfect home in the suburbs, the longer commute may be worth it. 

School Zones

Everyone buying a home wants to be in the perfect school district. In fact, several people who don’t even have kids seek out these homes solely for the added resale value. However, what makes a “great” school varies from family to family. So be sure to check out the local schools and see if the school you’re zoned for is right for your family. Check if the school specializes in a specific subject like STEAM or the arts. Also, find out if the school features a before and after school program and bus transportation. 

Local Events 

The city life is full of events and tons of different things to do on a daily basis. So, the last thing you want to do is move to a town where nothing really happens. Lakeland is a booming city with tons to do, so if you are moving from Tampa or Orlando, Lakeland will not disappoint. In fact, you can check out all of Lakeland’s upcoming events here!

Food Delivery

In the city, it is pretty easy to order food at 3:00 am and expect to have it delivered. Although this is not going to be a common situation, most city dwellers are used to having fast food options available 24/7. However, in most suburbs, the streets close down around 9:00 pm. Plus, not everything has a quick order app or is just a short walk around the block. People from the city moving to the suburbs should consider moving closer to the town center where there is a cluster of shops and restaurants. This way you get the benefits of being in the suburbs without losing the convenience of the city. 

Home Maintenance 

If you lived in the city, chances are you rented the place you lived in. Now that you are becoming a homeowner, it may be time to learn some basic home maintenance and repair skills. Gone are days of calling your landlord and having them fix something in your apartment. Try using a monthly maintenance calendar to keep this manageable. This way you keep your home properly maintained, which could prevent hefty repair costs down the road. 

Summer Vacation

Schools are important but what people do when those schools are closed is critical. You may be envisioning block parties and lemonade stands in the summer, but everyone in your neighborhood clears out and heads to the beach or up north to escape the heat. That is something you may want to know. So, get to know your potential neighbors and do a little recon before moving. It is also important to find out what childcare options are available during the summer. Having several options when it comes to summer camps for your kids is what you are probably used to; therefore, ensuring your options is important.

Moving to the suburbs from the city is going to take some adjusting, but doing your homework beforehand can set you up for success. Knowing what exactly you are getting into when moving out of the city can make the transition a little smoother.