Building equity, tax deductions, and the American Dream are just a few of the many benefits of owning a home. Homeownership has hovered at around 64% for the past couple of years but there is a considerably large amount of renters who have a slue of excuses as to why buying is not for them. Some of those explanations are completely legit, things like financial, economic, and personal limitations can making buying a home difficult.

However, some excuses are just that, excuses. We understand, investing in a home is no small feat. The fear and excitement of the whole process can get overwhelming, but what if buying a home was actually a possibility?

Here are some of the most common excuses along with some ways to remedy the situation.

I Don’t Have Enough For A Down Payment

Now it’s no secret that down payments are not cheap and take a little saving. However, most people who say they don’t have enough, don’t actually know how much they need.

The best thing to do if you are interested in buying a home is to speak with a lender. Finding and speaking with a reputable lender can help you set goals and put you on the right path.

Now there is certainly the chance you won’t have enough for a down payment right away but might not need as much money as you think once you speak to a lender. You’ll get a good financial snapshot and your lender can talk to you about different loan options that don’t require a massive down payment.

I Need To Save More Money

Saving money is never a bad thing, your future self will definitly thank you for it. So for some people waiting and saving a little longer makes sense. Down payments, future mortgage payments, and home repairs certainly don’t come cheap. However, as the cost of houses continues to rise, so does rent. Which is why, in the long run buying a home may be a better decision for you.

I’m Locked Into My Lease

First-time home buyers have used this excuse for ages, but do you know what the penalty is for breaking your lease? Most of the time if the property management company is able to find a tenant to rent out the unit there is not a penalty at all. On the flip side, it could be one month’s rent and looking over the big picture, that’s not very much.

I Might Move Away

Finding the perfect city or town to call home can take some time and moving frequently can definitly put a damper on buying a home. However, if you’ve been saying for years you could be leaving money on the table by not investing it in a home.

In some areas, especially here in Lakeland, mortgage payments are comparable with paying monthly rent. Often times here in Lakeland, monthly rent is more expensive than a mortgage payment. So if that’s the case in your area, it might be time to buy.

I’m Waiting The Market Out

Is it a seller’s market or a buyers market? Often times buyers will use this confusion as a reason to not buy a home. The fear of losing out on a better deal if you just wait a few more months or years can be scary.

However, no one has a crystal ball to know when the market is going to change, so you could be waiting for quite a while and even miss your opportunity.

I’m Looking For The Perfect House

The truth is, everyone is searching for the perfect home. However, if you’ve been looking for years and seen hundreds of homes, none of which are “perfect,” you may want to consider tweaking your expectations. Wanting a new build over a fixer-upper or four bedrooms over three is one thing, but expecting absolute perfect doesn’t exist. Every home has its quirks and problems, so a house may not be perfect but that doesn’t mean it can’t be home.