So, your house is on the market, and you have interested buyers. Can a potential buyer send someone to inspect your home without consent?

Read more to learn the ins and outs of inspections as a seller.

Homeowner rights

Whether or not you’re selling your home, you have certain rights as a property owner.

In accordance with your local statutes, anyone coming onto your property without your permission could be considered a trespasser.

Before a potential buyer can peek at your roof or anything else, both parties must agree to the inspections.

As a seller, you have the right to accept or deny any inspection requests and resolutions to inspections.

As a professional, appraisers and inspectors are responsible for confirming they have permission with the homeowner to be at a house.

What if you’re using a dual agent?

A dual agent is an agent that represents both the seller and the buyer in the same Real Estate transaction.

Sometimes in this type of transaction, there can be concerns about the dual agent representing both sides fairly. Can the dual agent send the buyer or an inspector to the house without the seller’s approval?

The answer is no. A dual agent must follow the rules that govern home inspections.

What about an inspection during a showing?

The low housing inventory, competitive seller’s market, and limited inventory have prompted most buyers to forgo the inspection period to gain a competitive edge.

But waiving an inspection period could have a costly impact on the buyer. So, concerned realtors and inspectors started working towards a compromise: pre-offer inspections.

This offers insight on those big-ticket items for a buyer prior to writing an offer. Often the inspector will credit the cost of the 30-minute inspection toward a full inspection after an offer is accepted.

This type of “mini” inspection is common to maintain that competitive edge while still undergoing a quick look-through.

However, an inspector still can’t accompany a buyer to a showing without permission.

Overall, the formality of inspections varies by state, so make sure to check with your local statutes and learn your rights as a homeowner when selling your home.