The largest hurdle of the home buying process is, of course, buying the home.

But what about the items that go inside the home? We aren’t talking about your 10-year-old hand me down bedroom set or your extensive mug collection.

Assuming a mortgage means you have probably completed most of the items on your “adulting” to-do list. Now it is time to build your arsenal of sophisticated adult home purchases!

1. Bath towels – the good kind

Your previous towel set is bound to be mismatched and fraying at the seams by now.

Throw out those generic name brand towels and invest in a luxurious and plush set (or two).

Your new bathroom should welcome and invite you in and feel like the ultimate spa experience. Wrapping yourself in fine cotton will have your skin thanking you later.

While you are at it, get yourself a set of hand towels and decorative towels as well. Yes, we know it may seem pointless to have towels that are all looks and no touch, but this simple addition will surely make you feel like you have your life together.

2. Hostess set

This could be a number of things but find your niche and build a set to entertain guests with.

One idea could be a snazzy bar cart complete with cocktail glasses and bar tools.

Or, if liquor isn’t your thing, set up a cute coffee or tea station to invite visitors to help themselves to.

Additionally, who doesn’t like cheese and chocolate?! Invest in a large and decorative charcuterie board plus knives to wow guests with your tasty presentation skills.

Top off any of these ideas with card and board games and you are ready for that housewarming party!

3. Dinnerware set – that matches!

And we are talking the whole kit and caboodle – plates for various courses, bowls, linen napkins, charger plates, placemats, silverware…you name it!

You will find that once you get settled into your new home, you are going to want to show off your humble abode!

Having a complete and matching dinnerware set will impress your friends and family and will make your dinner experience inclusive and cohesive.

Also, having something reserved just for special occasions makes the dining experience that much more exciting and memorable.

4. A brand-new mattress

There are so many new and different types of mattresses on the market right now they will put your old and springy one to shame.

The average person sleeps for 229,961 hours in their lifetime – that is a third of their life!

So, it is a no brainer that your mattress should be on the list of your largest investments.

5. The finishing touches

If you are looking to elevate your new home and show off your peak adult status, you should stock up on the following items:

  • Fresh flowers and real plants
  • Decorative throws and pillows
  • Stylish rugs
  • Wall art
  • Organizers for your closet, kitchen, and bathroom