Taylor Ladd

Real Estate Agent

I was born and raised in Polk City, FL on a small family farm. I graduated from Auburndale High School in 2017. I’ve always been deeply involved in the community I’ve dedicated countless hours volunteering for many purposes. I was beyond honored to win the 2017 Lakeland Ledger Silver Garland award in the category of Vocational Technology for developing and implementing a special needs program within traditional and out four special needs schools here in Polk county.  I also served in many leadership positions within the Florida FFA Foundation. I’ve hosted many leadership conferences really encouraging our youth to find what they’re passionate about, getting involved, and finding the leader that’s in them. After graduating high school I went to college and it just seemed like I wasn’t finding what was really pushing me until I read a blog a Realtor had posted and reading her words just really encouraged me. It was like she had ignited a spark in me after that it was just up to me to take action. With a young family, it was hard but now here we are setting goals and achieving them by helping others turn a house into their forever home.