John-Michael Elliott

Real Estate Agent

John-Michael Elliott, a native Floridian, was born in Broward County. Growing up being a part of a large family, John-Michael spent Sundays with family having breakfast and watching the sun come up. He now realizes this gave him a solid base and a great sense of just how important families are. While living in Lake Placid Florida with his family, John-Michael found he had a love of computers and spent his time managing his own computer store. He, then, ventured out and became interested in Real Estate first becoming IT Manager for Lucero, a Real Estate Management Software Company that managed entire brokerages. This position gave him the opportunity of traveling all over the United States to train brokerages on how to run Lucero’s program. After a couple years, John-Michael decided to see more of this great state and along with his middle school sweetheart; he married and moved to Lakeland where he now calls his home. Once he settled into the Lakeland area, he was hired as a Computer Technician and quickly moved up the ranks to become a Relocation Director for two years. It was at this time that John-Michael and his wife decided to start their family with their first child. John-Michael was asked by a co-worker to venture out and become part of a new realty company as an apprentice. John-Michael was eager to be a part of a company who promoted the values of family and close friendships. He has since added another addition to his family and enjoys the life he has made here in Lakeland with his wife and children. John-Michael takes it very serious in guiding other families, like his own, in making one of the largest investments you can make.