Charlene Akes

Real Estate Agent

Charlene Akes a native of Ashland, Ohio, moved to Lakeland in 1977 with her family. Widowed at the age of 28, realized the importance of a single mom and what it takes to exceed as a single provider. Remarried, for over 30 years. Three sons and soon to be a grandmother of 5. Prior to becoming a Real Estate agent, in 1989, worked for Stein Mart and JC Penny as their asset protection manager.

Combining an extraordinary range of experience in Real Estate, Charlene has an impressive track record with the highest level of customer Service, Charlene focuses on properties in delivering exceptional results for every client she serves.

A resident of Lakeland Fl, Charlene focuses on properties throughout the Lakeland area and played a role in many new developments throughout the Lakeland area. Charlene’s broad business background includes significant experience with both new construction and resales. Whether working with a first-time buyer or seller or securing the perfect investment property, Charlene helps make the real estate transaction process as seamless and efficient as possible, quickly assessing a client’s specific needs and presenting them with the full range of options available to suit both buyers and sellers budget.