How exciting is it to feel that excitement of moving into your new home sweet home! Once you are all settled in you might cook your first meal, have a little get-together with friends, or you might even celebrate your first takeout meal on your living room floor. But before you get all settled you might want to check this to-do list before moving into your house.

  1. Take plenty of photos

Photos are very important when getting settled into your home, especially if you are renting. You want to make sure nothing was damaged between the inspection and the previous final look-over. Even if it was a small dent, scratch, or hole document it. Pictures make it worth it in the end because not only is it evidence that it was there before you moved in, but it may also be worth a couple of dollars.

  1. Check your boxes

If you hired movers to pack your boxes and unload them then as a safety precaution, you might want to double-check if there is any breakage or damage. Even if you have new furniture being delivered such as a couch, appliances, or even house décor make sure that everything is functioning as it should. Always look at the contract you signed with them and double-check to see if there is liability coverage if you have discovered a problem even after they have left your home.

  1. Figure out trash days and where to leave it

Once you are all snuggled in, I’m sure it will be no time that you will need to take out the trash. It’s important to ask the landlord, or even neighbors, what day and time the trash comes. You definitely won’t want to miss out on trash day when you’ve got tons of empty cardboard boxes!

  1. Changing your locks

This rule is very important! Now that this is your home you wouldn’t want to have the same lock combo the previous owners had for the home. How creepy would it be for someone you didn’t know to walk into your home? This is something you would want to get changed right away! You want to make sure you completely change all lock combinations.

  1. Registering your car

If you have moved from a different state this is something, you should be sure to investigate. You will need to register your car within the next 60 days of moving into your home. You may ask “How does this have to do with buying my home”? But each state’s requirements are slightly different. You will need to do this promptly because if you fail to comply you may get charged with many fines. Also, you will need to check your driver’s license 30 days after your move.

  1. Check for the paint

Some people don’t think to paint before they are all moved in. But this step is perfect to look over before unloading everything. Paint as soon as possible! How much of a hassle would it be if you had to rearrange and move everything around to paint a couple of months after you’ve moved in? Moving furniture around is not fun nor easy especially if you have a small room or home. The longer you wait to paint, the tougher it’s going to be.

  1. Check your credit reports

Your credit is very important when moving into a home. Most landlords will need to do background checks on you to be approved. Always request a copy of your credit within the 6 months of your relocation. During a move, some financial information is changed through email and mail, and you want to make sure your personal information wasn’t compromised.

  1. Updating your voting address

How disappointing would it be if you decided to go vote and they told you, you couldn’t because your address isn’t matching anything in the system?  So, if you are the type to vote during elections then I would highly suggest updating your address. Most states allow 60 days during that time you can use an old address at your new polling place. But what better way to plant your foot in the neighborhood than by voting?