Increasing the value of your home with a few upgrades is a great idea to get more for it when it comes time to sell. By making a few strategic and affordable upgrades, you can really add big value to your home. However, knowing what adds value and what doesn’t can be a little difficult so here is a list of some of the affordable upgrades that will definitely add value.

Install New Thermostat

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating your home accounts for over 40% of its total energy use. If you install a programmable thermostat you will be able to customize a temperature profile throughout the day. For example, reducing the temperature inside your home by a degree or two while you sleep can equal huge savings at the end of the month. Since energy costs are on the rise, many buyers will appreciate your cost-effective thinking.

Update Fixtures

This is such a cheap and simple fix that can completely freshen up the space. If new kitchen cabinets are out of your budget, simply upgrading the hardware will instantly upgrade the rooms look. Same thing goes for the faucet. With a sleek new kitchen faucet with a sprayer, it will definitely be appreciated by buyers. By anticipating and doing these smaller projects, you will get more money in your pocket when selling your home.

Bathroom Upgrades

If your bathroom needs some help, another simple way to bring it into this century is to replace your old toilet with a new one. This will make a significant impact on your bathroom aesthetics. Another way to increase your bathrooms liability is to have the bathtub re-glazed.

Tile Floors

A brandnew tile floor can breathe new life into any home. Tile has many more benefits versus carpet, which is why buyers welcome it with open arms. Carpet can retain water, allergens, animal hair, dirt, and other unwanted things. So, completely getting rid of and replacing it with easytoclean tile is a bonus in any buyers book.

Blinds or Plantation Shutters

If your home is still sporting the aluminum blinds or old-school vertical blinds, it may be time to upgrade. By switching out these old blinds, the home will not look so dated and, once again, it is another thing the buyer does not have to put on their to-do list.

New Front Door

Nothing says First Impressions” like a front door. It is, literally, one of the first things the buyer will see, so you want it to be amazing. By adding a new front door, you will boost your curb appeal and give your home the updated look you are wanting. This can be as simple as painting it a new bright and fresh color.