Hosting a fancy adult dinner party this holiday season is one thing, but making the event fun for the kids as well is a whole other challenge. So, instead of keeping them at a small card table in the corner, let’s try to make their experience just as entertaining as yours. 

Create a Real Kids Table 

If you don’t have children and are not regularly hosting kids, then you probably won’t have a kid-sized table where they can feel like they are having their own dinner party while you have yours. However, that doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy a kid-specific table. Pushing some coffee tables together with smaller chairs for kid seating will work just fine. 

Smart but Stylish

Shatterproof dishes made of melamine, bamboo or sturdy paper are the way to go when it comes to feeding the kids. Also, pick out a bright tablecloth or festive placemats, and decorate the table with peppermints, candy canes, or glitter confetti. 

Put a Lid on It

What child doesn’t love swirly straws? Offer them at the kids’ table to poke into cups or jars with a ready-made hole in the lid. Nix paper cups in favor of colorful plastic tumblers, to prevent any spills. 

Keep Them Busy

It can take people awhile to get through a buffet, so it’s smart to arrange a creative activity at the kids’ table while they wait. Roll out a long piece of butcher block paper to doodle on. Then, place crayons, colored pencils, or washable markers in short cups at place settings so two kids can share. You can also search online for holiday printables. Fidget spinners, stickers, or tiny containers of Play-Doh can also do the trick. 

Yummy Centerpieces

Skip the flowers and go straight for the yummy stuff. Creating an edible fruit arrangement or a pile of candy canes are a much better alternative for kids.