Winter is the time of years when most home buyers, like bears, retreat to their own cozy homes and hibernate. So what if you have a house you have to sell right now?

Despite what you’ve heard, winter can actually work to a home seller’s advantage. With fewer homes on the market, it’s easier to stand out with some home staging. So before you throw up your hands and take a home-selling hiatus, try these home-staging ideas for the winter months to make your house stand out.

Don’t Skimp on Curb Appeal

Although we don’t live in a snowy climate here in Florida it is still important to stay onto of lawn maintenance. Make sure your gutters are clean and the leaves are raked. You can also add some winter-themed outdoor decor. Adding some evergreens to your entrance can ass some elegance to your curb appeal. Also, now’s the time to make sure your front door has a fresh coat of paint. A bright colorful door will draw buyers into your home.

Turn Up The Heat

It’s that time of year when Floridian’s are starting to turn their heaters on. However, many homeowners like to keep their thermostat from 60-70 degrees to save on their heating bills, but you don’t want a potential buyer to think they are visiting a house that is hard to heat.

A cold house can hurt a sale. When a buyer enters the house and wants to hurry up and get out of there because it’s so cold, it probably means they are going to have a bad memory associated with the home, no matter how great it is. You want to provide a warm and inviting environment so buyers will want to take their time and linger.

To make buyers feel they’re right at home, turn up the thermostat. You’ll also want to fix any drafty spots around the house. You may be fine shoving a towel under the front door to keep the cold air out, but buyers will not look kindly on linens on your floor or a chilly breeze on their feet.

Fire Up The Fireplace

Not only is it a good way to ensure the homes feel warm, but making use of the fireplace is a good way to show off a great feature of your home. Whether it’s a wood-burning or a gas fireplace, by lighting a fire you’re giving potential buyers a window into what it would be like to cuddle on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa and their feet on the fire.

Hitting all the buyer’s senses creates a memorable experience that will hopefully lead to them purchasing the home. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still warm up the ambiance with candles, fur throws, and other items that give off cozy vibes.

Add Seasonal Scents

It’s always wise to clean your house and make the place smell nice and fresh, but the winter months are a time to focus on seasonal scents. That means mulling seasonal spices such as oranges, cloves, and cinnamon on the stove, to go along with freshly baked holiday cookies cooking on a rack in the kitchen.

Pump Up The Holiday Decor

You don’t want to turn your home into the real-life version of Clark Griswold’s over-the-top house however, the holidays can actually make it easier to sell a home. The main reason is that buyers like to picture themselves in the home hosting holiday get-togethers, and it’s much easier to show them the potential of a house when it’s decorated for the winter months.