Ever wonder what could keep your home from selling? Just ask a listing agent!

Listing agents, as the professionals who help prep a home for sale, are often tasked with telling home sellers why their house might not sell in its current condition. It’s a tough job, but it sure beats saying nothing and then watching a home sit on the market.

While most corrective tweaks are small sometimes the things that stop a home from selling take everyone by surprise.

Atrocious Floors

Imagine walking into a home with a horrendously colored hunter-green carpet. First impressions mean everything. In fact, they can mean the difference from selling your home to sitting on the market indefinitely. Replacing your old carpet with something neutral will help get your home more showing and eventually a contract.

Too Many Pets

Don’t get us wrong we love our furbabies however when you enter a home that has its own ecosystem there could be a problem. Walking into a home with 30 injured birds, squirrels, dogs, cats, lizards, snakes, and dozens of fish is enough to send any home buyer running in the other direction. Although this case is extreme having just a few too many pets can easily overwhelm a home buyer, even if they have a pet themselves.

Noisy Neighbors

Whether you live near an apartment complex, sorority or fraternity, or maybe you just have the worst neighbors ever, your neighbors can ruin the sale of your home. Hosting an Open House can be hard with noisy neighbors blasting music or watching TV at an insane volume. So building a tall (and soundproof) fence around your yard along with some trees will help block out a lot of their noisy and make home buyers feel more comfortable in your outdoor living area.


No word strikes fear into the hearts of home buyers and sellers more than mold. The last thing any home buyer wants is to deal with a $60,000 mold problem that would require tearing down walls and would take 2 months to complete. So it’s best to check your house for mold and address any issues before listing it since this is one of the most common fears among home buyers.