Lakeland is full of history and we all know and love the houses in the downtown, historic district. However, many of us feel drawn to the homes that have been newly constructed. While the new floors and appliances are nice, some people really see the charm of an older home. So, here are 4 reasons you should buy an older home!

New Homes are More Expensive

Longstanding homes are considered “old” if they have been built before the 1970s and if you compare a similar sized newly constructed house, it usually costs 15% more. However, newer homes might cost less to maintain since they are normally constructed with energy saver appliances, windows, insulation, etc.

Better Quality Construction

Construction has come a long way since the 1970’s and they simply do not build homes the way they used to. Old Established homes are built to last and many of the materials used for construction cannot be replicated today. For example, most older homes are built with plaster and lathe, which is stronger than drywall.

More Character

It’s no secret that older homes have much more character than new construction. Recently, newly built homes have started replicating things like crown molding and built-ins to give their modern home a splash of character. However, if you are looking for rich history and the original inspiration, you might want to check out an older house.

Bigger Lot Size

In neighborhoods nowadays, it seems like the homes are built on top of each other. As much as you love the new appliances and spacious master suites that one would find in a new home, you can also shake hands with the neighbor from your bedroom window. However, if you opt for an older home, you are going to be pleasantly surprised with the noticeably, larger lot size. So even though the square footage of an older home may be a bit smaller, the lot size is much bigger.