It is always a challenge when beginning a new project. You have very little knowledge on knowing where to turn so we tend to go to friends and family first.

Everyone may think they’re an expert nowadays when search bars are at our fingertips. But trust us, when selling or buying a home you need an experienced professional.

As you prepare to contact a Realtor to help you with your Real Estate needs, here are 4 home selling tips to be aware of:

Tip 1: “Sell your home yourself”

Friends may tell you to save money on that pesky Real Estate commission and just sell by owner. Just because it can be done does not mean it is the best option. You can probably pull your own tooth, but you’re better off seeing a licensed dentist.

The commission that agents make on helping you sell your home pays for more than just their time with you.

It pays for:

  • Taking professional listing photos and maybe even staging your home or having a 3D walk-through preformed
  • Putting your listing on the market and marketing it
  • Scheduling showings and open houses for your home
  • Helping you to review and negotiate the offers that come in
  • Running a CMA (Comparative market analysis) to accurately price your home
  • Handling the transaction process and reminding you of important deadlines
  • And much more!

The training and certifications agents acquire to be able to hold the title of Realtor are extensive and exceed the limitations of any search engine.

However, it is still important to educate yourself as you also allow the trained professional to guide you through the process.

Tip 2: “There is a specific time of year that is best to sell a home”

This may have been true at one point in time, but now our world is in constant motion. Sure, more families may move in the summertime due to school being out, but there are always buyers out there looking.

You can purchase a home remotely without ever seeing it. People move for many different reasons all throughout the year. Every market in our state and nation is so very different.

Trusting a regional expert on the market you live in, or are moving to, will allow you the ability to use them as a guide to making the best decision for your family.

Tip 3: “Host an open house. It’s the best way to sell your house!”

Hosting an open house is a great opportunity to showcase your home – don’t get us wrong!

It is a good time for agents to see your home and you may certainly have a buyer who walks in and falls in love. But private showings are equally as powerful, if not more so when selling your home.

An open house is more like a gathering with many people in your home at one time. Buyers who are more serious are more likely to ask for a private showing.

An open house is certainly one of the things you should have on your to-do list but keep your mind open to the entire process.

Tip 4: “Wait for a better market next year”

While Realtors can make educated guesses on the state of our future market, no one can know for sure what the future holds.

Allow your Realtor to be your guide, make decisions that are best for your needs, and trust the opinions of experts in the field. But don’t let the fear of the unknown get in the way of you making a move that is best for you and your family.

Our team of agents at S&D Real Estate Services have years of experience and would be honored to be your guide as you buy or sell your home!